Quality Testing Instruments
Robotic PELT
One of the fundamental objectives of paint process control is to provide the means of consistently producing a high quality finish. Paint film thickness is one of the primary factors that determine overall paint quality. A durable, high quality finish will be comprised of coating layers having minimal variation from a specified target film thickness value.

Ensuring that paint coatings are being applied within tolerances and with minimal thickness variation requires an adequate supply of film thickness data.  The film thickness data is then used to monitor, control, and optimize the paint process. 

Increasing the quantity of available film build data, in conjunction with reducing the time required to obtain it, will facilitate optimization of the paint process. Additionally, an online system generating a continuous stream of film thickness data can make automatic closed loop control of the paint process a reality.
  • Nondestructive
  • Capable of gauging coatings on virtually any substrate material
  • Multi-sensor. Up to 16 sensor channels available
  • Multi-layer. Capable of gauging up to 5 coating layers at each measurement point
Closed Loop Paint Process Control
The robotic PELT system can provide a continuous stream of online coating thickness data. The system can be utilized in conjunction with the Integrated Paint Quality Control (IPQCS) automated spray booth control system. By utilizing as input data PELT film thickness measurements, the IPQC system can adjust fluid flows, shaping air and other process parameters to control and optimize the paint system.