Quality Testing Instruments
M290 Moisture Management Tester
The Moisture Management Tester (MMT) is an instrument to test the liquid moisture management capabilities of textiles such as knitted and woven fabrics. This instrument consists of upper and lowers concentric moisture sensors, where the fabric being tested is placed in between the two sensors.

A pre-defined amount of test solution (synthetic sweating) is introduced onto the upper side of the fabric, and then the test solution will transfer onto the material in three directions:
  • Spreading outward on the upper surface of the fabric
  • Transferring through the fabric from the upper surface to the bottom surface
  • Spreading outward on the lower surface of the fabric
MMT is designed to sense, measure and record the liquid moisture transport behaviours in these multiple directions. A series of indexes are defined and calculated to characterize liquid moisture management performance of the test sample.
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