Quality Testing Instruments
M228B/C Rotawash Color Fastness Tester
The Rotawash is a laboratory instrument used for conducting accelerated laundering or dyeing tests. It is applicable for performing washing, dry cleaning, dyeing, colorfastness to fulling, detergency, and other laboratory tests. It is capable of conducting low temperature tests up to 95 °C. It uses a water bath heated by immersion heaters. The unit runs at 40 rpm +/- 2 rpm as required by all relevant current standards. It is equipped with automatic bath temperature and test cycle duration control devices.

The Rotawash is fitted with programmer allowing automatic selection of all AATCC, ISO, and other test methods with individual parameters displayed, COM port for updates, Latest user friendly Touch Panel with clear graphic interface.

M228B: Capacity 8 washpots x 550 ml or 8 x 1200 ml
M228C: Capacity 12 washpots x 550 ml or 12 x 1200 ml
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