Quality Testing Instruments
M228AA Launder-Ometer
The Launder-Ometer is a laboratory instrument used for conducting accelerated laundering or dyeing tests. It is applicable for performing washing, dry cleaning, dyeing, colorfastness to fulling, detergency, and other laboratory tests. It is equipped with a four-sided, stainless steel rotor, which holds five metal containers on each side. The containers in the rotor are simultaneously exposed to controlled conditions of test solution, temperature, and mechanical agitation. Each container is sealed and allows a reliable experiment with no interaction from other test specimens.

The Launder-Ometer is capable of conducting low temperature tests up to 95°C. It uses a water bath heated by a single immersion heaters, which provides a temperature rise rate of 2°C per minute. It is equipped with automatic bath temperature and test cycle duration control devices.

The Launder-Ometer was originally designed by and was previously designated Official instrument of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists(AATCC).

Capacity: 20 m pots of 550 ml or 1200 ml
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