Quality Testing Instruments
M018 Hydrostatic Head Tester
M018 Hydrostatic Head Tester is designed to measure the resistance of fabrics to water penetration. The method is generally intended for dense fabrics e.g. Tarpaulins and tenting. A specimen is subjected to a steadily increasing pressure of water on one face, under standard conditions, until penetration occurs in 3 places. The result measures the resistance of a fabric to the penetration of water under hydrostatic pressure. It is applicable to all types of fabrics, including those treated with a water resistant or water repellent finish. The instrument can perform following standards:
  • AATCC 127
  • EN 20811
  • BS 2823
  • BS 3424-26 29A/29C
  • BS 3321
  • ISO 811
  • ISO 1420A
  • DIN 53886
  • INDA IST 80.4
  • JIS L 1,092 A
  • JIS L 1,092 B-b
  • NF G07-057
  • ERT-120-1, 160-0
  • EDANA 120.2-02
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