Color Inspection & Measurement Instruments
* Specifications are subject to change without notice due to on-going development.
SS 5100C Compact Spectrophotometer
  • Light Weight
  • Convenient Carry Case
  • Ideal for Lab and On-site Technical Sales and Services

technical specification

Viewing Geometry D/8
Specular Component Included
Light Source LED
Wavelength Interval 1 0 nm
Wavelength Range 400 nm - 700 nm
Sphere Size 40mm
Reflectance Range 0%-200%
Repeatability Average dE* < 0.05 CIELAB (White Tile)
Aperture 11mm
Dimensions L 20 cm x W 1 0 cm x H 15 cm
Power Supply Via USB of Computer
Weight 1.880 kg.