Color Inspection & Measurement Instruments
* Some features are optional.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice due to on-going development.
Inspect-O-Lite is specially designed to cater to the needs of shop-floor inspection of various products, either online on production or otherwise like Textiles, Paints, Plastics, accessories of cars of any size.

Controlled lighting conditions. The standard international illuminants available are

technical specification

Light Sources:  
Showroom Illumination TL84
Daylight D65
Incandescent Light A
Ultraviolet Light UV
Cool White Fluorescent CWF
Daylight (5000K) D-50

The specially designed "Simulated Sun Light" is very useful to visually compare products under tropical light condition even during night.

Inspect-O-Lite luminaire can also be used for inspecting defects in weaving in textiles during production itself. The unit can be fixed to the ceiling or can be hanged over the area of inspection as per customer needs. The same can be made in various dimensions depending on the requirement of the customer.