Color matching softwares
Glass / Clear QC Software
A highly specialized QC software for glass and clear laminate application has been developed by Premier Colorscan.
The system consist of Reflectance / Transmission spectro with micro processor controlled motor rail system fitted with vernier scale for mounting of glass laminate.
The motor system is controlled by the Color Matching Software.
  • Color Gradient Test:
    Determination of X,Y,Z, L* a* b* YI of lamination from "clear % T (Y)" to a "specific % T (Y)" at a fixed interval
  • Fade - off - distance:
    Determination of distance between a predetermined starting % T (Y) and End % T (Y)
  • Dark plateau test:
    Finding the darkest spot in the laminate
  • Color / Hue test:
    Measurement of typical color parameters at a predetermined distance on the laminate and comparing it with a standard
  • TUV content:
    Determines total UV content as per ISO and other methods
  • Polarization Index:
    Determine the extent of polarization of glass at 0° & 90°
  • Color and strength:
    Measurement of standard color values i.e. X,Y, Z, L*, a*, b* YI in different illuminants and observers
  • Equal % T (Y) strength:
    As above, but expresses color difference when % T (Y) is equalized
  • Color formulation option
Typical Hardware:
  • Hunterlab USXE, USPRO & CQXE
  • Rail system with vernier scale
  • Microprocessor controlled stepper motor
Typical Application:
  • Glass
  • Clear laminates
  • Wind screens
Six such systems are working in the USA at a industry leader.