Color matching softwares


  • Generation of recipes for target shade
  • Recipe sort on Metamerism and Cost
  • Color Difference analysis of recipe
  • Plots of color difference values
  • Waste re-utilization: Finished products can be stored in Database as a new colorant, this color can then be used in Formulation or Batch Correction of a recipe (2 constant applications)

Colorant Formulation Program
  • Formulation of new shades, using your own colorants, on desired substrate like paper, plastic, textile, glass, leather etc., with color and cost analysis of recipe
  • Alternate recipes for the same target shade
  • Prediction of opacity and colorant loading for desired opacity
  • Optimization of existing recipes i.e. reduction of any extra amount of colorant that does not contribute to final color and opacity
  • Reduction of your colorant inventory by matching more number of shades and using lesser number of colorants
  • Elimination of recipes that are metameric in nature
  • Formulation of least cost recipes. i.e. by substitution of more expensive colorants by cheaper alternatives
  • Trying of new colorant raw materials, in existing formulation, offered by different manufacturers
  • Color Module sectoring
  • Recipe sort on Cost and Metamerism
  • User definable color tolerances for formula selection
  • Reflectance printout of each recipe
  • "Formula-on Screen" of recipes
  • Intelligent Match Feature

Special Feature for Paint Application
  • Prediction of pigment loading for given opacity (contrast ratio)
  • Automatic selection of white base to fit the formulation within given parameters of fill levels
  • Formulations based on fixed base amounts
  • Formulations based on Colored bases
  • Automatic selection of Base white
  • Formulations on colored base
  • Automatic formulation on fill levels & base amount