Quality Testing Instruments
Garment Printing (Pigments, Discharge, Non PVC) Fast, Highly accurate and high performance Dispenser for precise reproduction of Spot Colours in small or bulk Quantities.
  • No need to buy Ready Mixed Colours
  • Instant Color mixing (Pigment and Paste) from 1 kg to 60 kg
  • Accurate repeatability Ÿ Mixing of Pigment, Ink and Paste
  • Inventory Control of Pigments and Paste
  • Auto or Manual Addition of Recipes
  • Left over Ink-Barcode labelling for easy storage and recalling
  • Connected to Computerised Color Matching System of Premier Colorscan
Model No. Pigment Paste Dispensers Base Paste Dispensers
GC-YM-TJ-14A 12 2
GC-YM-TJ-15A 12 3
GC-YM-TJ-18A 14 4
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