Quality Testing Instruments
Gardner-Scrub Abrasion Tester
The Gardner-Scrub abrasion tester offers a versatile design for abrasion and wash ability testing applications. The instrument arm is designed to hold from 1 - 3 brush holders. A large selection of accessories is available to customize your test requirements. An intuitive touch screen operation makes it easy to change test parameters. The Gardner-Scrub has a durable chain drive mechanism for long-term reliable operation.
  • Reciprocating linear motion with a constant speed over the travel distance for repeatable results
  • Compact design saves on counter space
  • Easy to use touch screen display
  • Instrument arm holds up to 3 brush or pad holders to increase output
  • User selectable scrub rate from 6 - 60 cycle/minute
  • Compliant with ASTM, DIN, and ISO methods with appropriate accessories
  • Up to 4 kg (8.8 lbs) can be applied to the instrument arm
  • Adjustable stroke length 22.9 - 27.9 cm (9 - 11 in.)
  • Optional weighs for custom applications
  • ASTM
  • D1792, D2198, D2486, D3206, D3207, D3450, D4213, D4488, D4828
  • ISO
  • 11998
  • DIN
  • 53778, 13300
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