Quality Testing Instruments
Control and guarantee a uniform finish - no more mottling!

Mottling disturbes the overall color harmony of effect finishes. These irregular lightness variations can now be objectively measured with BYK-Gardner's newest innovation: the cloud-runner simulates visual evaluation under different observing angles and characterizes clouds / mottles by their size and visibility.
Objective and reliable values for QC and trouble-shooting
  • Small to large mottles are measured under three observing angles
  • Scan length can be varied from 10 to 100 cm
  • Objective measurement results independent of color and curvature
Ideal tool for the production line
  • Small and light weight - easy to handle
  • For flat and curved areas, radius > 50 cm
  • Easy, menu guided operation via scroll wheel and large, multilingual display
  • Full statistics with ability to save in selectable memories
  • Large memory for 1000 readings
  • USB port for data transfer to PC
Auto-chart software
  • Organizer files for sample id
  • Data management with Access DB
  • Standard QC Report in Excel®