Quality Testing Instruments
Abrasion Scrub Tester
Coated surfaces need to be tested for resistance to abrasion caused by a brush, sponge, or other means. The Wet Abrasion Tester produces a repeatable, controlled condition to simulate everyday use or wear patterns. The abrasion tester can examine washability and related properties that affect the stain resistance of coatings. Detergent performance testing can also be determined in a reproducible manner.
  • Features two brush holders for side by side testing
  • Air cooled electric motor for maximum reliability
  • Peristaltic fluid pump – no reagent contamination (except for PB-5002, PB-5007)
  • Five digit preset counter – activates the machine for preset number of strokes, then switches off
  • Can be modified to meet DIN, ISO, or ASTM test methods
Liquid solutions are pumped to the brush heads from the detachable container mounted to the side of the tester. The pump may be switched on or off during the course of testing, and the flow can be adjusted for precise dosing.
DIN ISO Methods
  • DIN 53 778
  • ISO 11998
  • DIN EN 13300
ASTM Methods
  • ASTM D 2486
  • ASTM D 3450
  • ASTM D 4213
  • ASTM D 4828
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